Rotary in Australia was charternd one hundred Years ago here in Melbourne. Subsequently, our organisation has spread throughout  the Country. Rotary is not a bank. We are a service club and to that end we support our communities. Commonly, we provide labour, materials, logistical support and equipment according to our ability. Clubs are formed into Districts; the Mount Eliza Club is in District 9820, governed and coordinated by Bill Degnan from Traralgon. 
Every Rotary Club pays its own expenses by member subscription. Not ONE penny of the funds we raise is kept; the entirety of our raised income is provided to our projects. We rely on the expertise of our Members to facilitate the administration of our Club via donated time and service. You may imagine the paid staff needed to run a COMPANY of our size [around sixty people]. 
When the demands are great, Bill and his team ensure that we all provide all we can, and avoid the duplication of purposes.This process was on show during both the Gippsland fires, then the floods. Mount Eliza supplied knitted clothing, power and manual tools and appliances, power generator sets, school supplies and household goods. 
When there is major action, like the Fires and Floods in Gippsland and the Earthquake in New Zealand, the dedication and liaison between District, our Club, Emergency Services and other Clubs has to be seen. [We add apart from the Local CFA and Bunnings] …. Another Gratitude Award must go to Victoria Police Mornington. Year in, Year out.
Our close relationships with OfficeWorks and Bunnings facilitated both gratis and discounted supplies to be delivered. Indeed, we are fortunate enough to have Rowan [Biggles] Miller as a Member, 16 Years and going strong. Not only does Rowan own a transport Company, handy for State - wide pick up and delivery of donated goods, Rowan is also an Air Ambulance pilot!
When not otherwise engaged, Rowan can be discovered at our scheduled Farmers‘ Markets in Mount Eliza overseeing our barbecue and related equipment. You‘ll know Rowan by his perennial shorts and Hi - vis top. Come over and HELLO him. smiley